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Φ4.4mm plug Model

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Φ2.5mm plug Model

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Co-Donguri Balance
Φ4.4mm  plug Model Φ2.5mm  plug Model
Transducer Φ10 mm dynamic type
Acoustic technology Tornado equalizer、Encapsulated type
Sensitivity 106 dBSPL /mW
Frequency response 5 Hz ~ 40 kHz(HiRes corresponding)
Maximum input 200 mW
Impedance 18 Ω
Mass Approx24 g Approx22 g
Cord L type gold plating
5 pole Φ4.4 mm balanced plug
L type gold plating
4 pole Φ2.5 mm balanced plug
Cord OFC wire 1.2m(Y-type)
Supplied accessories

silicone ear tips final Etype S / M / L size(M size is attached to the main body), Canual and warranty card.

*Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

■Brass front cabinet

By adopting brass material of high specific gravity metal, plays clear and solid bass sound by suppressing the resonance within earphone cabinet.

■2WAY mounting

Normal wearing, ear mounted, both OK for 2WAY mounted model. Ear reduce the touch noise in the mounting. Also recommended during exercise.

■Tornado equalizer

Adopt a patent tornado equalizer method of music sound tea in acoustic technology. Canal type of ringleader of sound quality degradation, reduces the resonance in the vicinity of 6kHz caused by blocking the ear canal.

*1 Tornado Equalizer Circuit is Ocharaku’s patented acoustic technolog
y(JP PAT.No.4681698, US PAT.No.8885865, EP PAT.No.2461602, CN PAT.No.2067980)

■Spiral cord

OFC Ritz wire × 4 core configuration.Less cable tangling problems by adopting spiral cord.

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