Jul 10, 2017   Exhibition was decided to PORTABLE AUDIO FESTIVAL 2017 held
         this weekend 15 and 16 July.
         We are sincerely looking forward to you visiting our SURROUND booth.

Jun 29, 2017   listening party held in the e-earphone shibuya tsutaya store,
         Jun 30/Jul 1 can also be listening.
         SHIBUYA TSUTAYA店 店舗情報|イヤホン・ヘッドホン専門店【e☆イヤホン】

Apr 24, 2017   Our office will be closed on May 3 to 7 for break.
         We will resume our business as usual from May 8.

Apr 17, 2017   Article of Co-Donguri was published in "NIKKEI TRENDY NET".

Apr 13, 2017   Exhibition was decided to "Tokyo Headphone Festival 2017 Spring"
         held on 29 and 30 April.

Apr 13, 2017   The launch date for SpinFit TwinBlade and add new color to existing is
         scheduled on this month 29.

Mar 15, 2017   listening party held in the Yamano music ginza main store(B1),
         Mar 25-26 can also be listening.

Feb 9, 2017   Donguri-SYOU Recable "e☆earphone model" is little stock
         left at the store.

Jan 31, 2017   Donguri-SYOU HAGANE Ver. has been discontinued.

Jan 30, 2017   Chonmage-kun was posted under the front page of the
         "MAINICHI NEWSPAPERS" Chubu District version.

Jan 25, 2017   February issue of the female magazine "Pococe",
         an article of Chonmage-kun was posted.

> Announcement of up to April 2016 is here


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